Blogging is a problem

Across the globe, blogging is a key way to share people’s ideas and how they express them. People enjoy sharing their knowledge, making a difference, or even showing off their writing skills. In fact, some businesses blog to help expand their advertising network. Blogging can be beneficial for people and businesses because it helps get the “word” out so people can hear feedback from other people.


Unfortunately enough, some people took blogging a little too far. Today, the average blogger spends 2 hours a day blogging or on social media checking their blogs!(1) In fact some social media platforms take up seven years of people’s lives!(2) Thats insane! In addition, according to, more and more people are using the internet, which results in, more blogging, which means more hours spent on social media platforms. Imagine the memories that could have been made with your family in that time. Imagine the good deeds you could have done! Even some people spend more time on social media than eating their daily meals. Something has to change to prevent people from wasting their time.


On the other hand, in 1945 while the camera was being developed, a wise man by the name of Vannevar Bush said, “The advancement of photography is not going to stop”. What Bush means is that as long as people are using the camera, it will continue to be more and more developed and enhanced as time comes. Similar to the development of the camera, blogging started small, but as more and more people start to blog, the social media platforms that are used for blogging will be further developed. Currently, only four million people blog across the globe. (3) Imagine how many people will be blogging in the next five years! It’s ridiculous! I often think that if people took the amount of time they spent writing articles and put it into developing a book, or a product site, or learning how to run business campaigns, they might be way better off.


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