Baseball and Technology

Ever since a young age, technology has always been a big part of my life. From growing up playing xbox, to speaking with family from over 6000 miles away, to hours and hours of pitching lessons, technology plays a big role in my life.  

While in elementary school, my family moved from New York city to New jersey. Since my brother and I weren’t happy about the new transition, my Dad bought us a brand new Xbox 360. Not only did he buy us a new gaming device, but with one choice of any game we wanted, 2K 7 baseball. My brother and I still play this game today. I am always the Yankees, and he is always the Red Sox. I can’t remember the amount of times my mom had to step out of her office to scream at us for being too loud, fighting, or breaking the window from the controllers flying across the room. We would play game after game until we finally had to leave the room to go eat or use the bathroom, but even that was infrequent because we thought the other would just take the other controller when not there, place a fastball right down the middle, and smack a home run to increase their lead of the game. Yea, we were crazy but Xbox and technology was a big part of my childhood.

Fast forward around ten years to around the age of 15 when I started getting very serious about pitching and training. When I wasn’t in the gym with my trainer, I was working with my pitching coach and vice versa. I am always doing work towards my pitching. When I would practice with my pitching coach, I would ask him to video me doing drills so I can work on them at home to work on my mistakes. Since technology gave me the option to have those videos whenever I wanted, I became the pitcher I am today. Because of all the hours of drill work, practices, and lifts, I was able to play at all college levels, division one, two, and three all thanks to technology. I am certain that without technology, I would not be at the same level I am today.

At the age of 18, it is common for an orthodox jew to take a gap year in Israel, which I did. The one condition that my parents and coach made is that of course I have to keep up with baseball. This means, find a gym, throwing partner, and join a team. While I was in Israel I tried out for the Israeli national team and made it. It was a big step for me but without technology it couldn’t have been done. Let me explain. I would have to email my pitching coach at least three times a week to get new drills and feedback from the videos I sent to him, or the ones he sent to me. We would go through weighted ball drills, long distance throwing drills, and pitching drills, everything you need to be a successful pitcher. In addition, My trainer would email me once a week to send me new workouts, take down my weight, ask about my meals, and if anything hurt me, he would try to figure out what’s wrong. Again, im certain without technology I would not be where I am today as a pitcher. While in Israel, technology helped keep me in touch with my coaches and trainers, but also my family. I’m very close to my family and being far away from home made it sometimes difficult. Technology would allow me to Facetime my friends and loved ones. For instance, before every shabbat, my family would call to wish me a fun and safe weekend and to never forget to call them back after. I was able to remain very close to my family despite the time far away from home.

Technology on and off the field has affected my life because it helped comfort me in times when far from home, and helped me with my baseball career. Maybe in the near future new technological devices will make it even easier to keep in contact with family or coaches. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what’s coming for us in the near future of the technological world.

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