Manila Envelope?

It’s kind of funny how people look at social media in general. Some people wish that when they post something, they only want their friends and family to see it. On the other hand, some people want to attract outsiders to maybe get a different lense on things.


In the book, Claim Your Own Domain, Audrey Watters speaks about when she was a young girl, her mom used to collect every file from school and keep it in a manila envelope. That includes, paintings, drawings, homeworks, anything a little child would do in elementary school. She speaks about how she loved seeing everything her mom collected and how “meaningful” it was for her. She then brings up how nowadays there is nothing like that on the internet. Nothing is private on the internet. Everything is saved in the cloud, and anyone can see whatever, whenever they want. There is no owner. Its all shared to whomever. Watters questions shouldn’t you be the owner of what you post, and shouldn’t you have say of who sees it? In my opinion, its amazing how everything is saved online. You’ll never lose anything, misplace something, and its always accessible.  Yes, there is no manila envelope online, but aren’t there other things online that make up for it?

On the other hand, in a blog post by Bonnie Stewart, she speaks about the different types of people who use social media and labels them with different characteristics. For example, The Asynchronous Self is a characteristic of a social media user who hates being bothered with there phone. They hate being disturbed with everyday life by the ring of there phone.  Stewart talks about how great it is people use social media to share  their interests, hobbies, stories etc. People want to post on social media to get responses from random people because people enjoy hearing feedback from outsiders. It can give you a whole different perspective on life. Imagine hearing from someone across the globe, the things a person can learn is infinite. It’s amazing what social media can do and how it can affect people’s lives.

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