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Google Tool: Explore


I think the Explore tool in google docs can be used as a great resource for all google drive writers. Its quick and easy to use. It’s more like a shortcut. Instead of opening another page on your browser, you just click explore, and you have a tab on the side of screen pop up. I like that it pops up right next to where your writing so it’s very easy to navigate and you don’t have to search your whole computer, its right next to you.  It also allows you to save time by searching things you write about such as pictures, information, and other documents that you have written in the past because its right next to where your writing. I love to use it when I have another paper written on something similar and i’ll just type the heading right in and it’ll show up right there. Instead of having to open a whole new browser, reopening docs, and then have to find the other paper I was talking about. Explore can bring you insights, design tools, and research recommendations. It’s like having your own researcher, analyst, and designer, all you have to do is click.


Google Tool:  Keep notepad


This is a great resource for google writers. For me, Keep Notepad is very helpful because always before I write, i’ll make an outline and this is perfect for that. Instead of going back and forth from the outline to the paper, Keep Notepad allows us to take notes directly on the side of the paper, and literally drag our notes to the page. This can be very useful because it can save writers a ton of time and frustration. In addition, writers can search notes they’ve used in the past instantly, just type key words. This can be really helpful, because instead of going back through all of your notes, you can just search the topic and its there. Also, you can use notepad as a checklist. Writers can take notes on the side of their paper such as ideas, and check them off as they write about it so they wouldn’t forget. Its simple to use, not hard to find, and a great resource for writing a paper.


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