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For class, my teacher wanted us to make up our own Digital activity that would benefit our class. For this homework, I decided to talk about how to zone out distractions when trying to work. When students do work, they are bound to get distracted. With the different variety of social media in this world, student are bound to be distracted with social media. Students believe they can multitask and think that they are being just as productive. On the other hand, studies have shown that multitasking actually slows student down and in fact, they aren’t reaching their potential in school. In this Uconn study, “researchers found that students who multitasked while doing homework had to study longer, and those who frequently multitasked in class had lower grades on average than their peers who multitasked less often”.The only way to prevent these distractions, is to realize when students are using these social media platforms. For example, a student can be writing an essay, and have a game paused on another page, while texting their friend in messenger. This is a problem. Students need to learn ways to realize when they are being distracted from their work. As I learned in my media and society course, when you realize and think about the media around you, people automatically become more aware when their using media. This is a good tactic for students. As a student myself, I personally turn off all electronics and make sure I don’t go on any social media sites while I do work to be more efficient. Also, I rather be spending more of my free time doing what I really want then being on social media. I think having a digital activity on how to prevent students from being distracted could have been very beneficial for our class because it would have taught kids to be more efficient with their homework, and also can result in better grades.


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