Converse Versus Walmart

Lately in class, we’ve been discussing what copyright is and how it can affect people if not used correctly. In 2004, Converse, which is under the ownership of Nike, Sued Walmart and 31 other companies for copying their shoe and making fakes. According to the Constitution of the United States, “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.” As a result of the copycat shoes, Converse wants them to pay compensation for the trademark and unfair competition. But to be fair, Converse did send out 180 emails over the past few years to these companies asking them to stop selling these imitation shoes. As a result of these fake, “copycat” shoes, Nikes released that these retailers have caused “substantial and irreparable injury” by eroding its famous name and confusing its customers. In addition to seeking competition, Converse wants the retailers to be banned from making these “copycat” products and to destroy all that is left in their inventory. In addition, Converse filed 22 separate lawsuits against the companies. This is unfortunate to citizens of the U.S because many of these “Copycat” shoes were cheaper than the original and these are very popular shoes, over 1 billion pairs have been sold! Because of the constitutional right of copyright, I guess people will just have to spend more money on the original Converse sneaker.

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